ISSR Shiloh Shepherd Breeders

  • AZ Shilohs
    AZ Shilohs is run by our friend Carla out in Scottsdale, Arizona. The link leads to their blog right now, as they are brand-new to our breeder program! Their stud, Ender, is half-brother to our Leo. They will be having pups available this coming spring! If you are in that area and looking for a pup, drop me a message via the website here and I will be glad to put you in touch with Carla!
  • Echo Shilohs
    Mindy Mencias runs Echo Shilohs, just outside of Indianapolis. As a veterinary technician, she is very knowledgeable and keeps herself up to date on Shiloh breed health. Mindy is a friend of ours, and currently has a litter on the ground sired by Baxter from our Kyrie/Piston litter! Go to our "Puppies" page for details.
  • New Zion Shilohs
    The kennel of Breed Founder Tina Barber, and the place our Shilohs Leo and Kyrie came from! Tina was the creator of the breed and owner/operator of the ISSR's parent kennel. When Tina passed in 2011, her daughter Lisa took over the operation. She is located in upstate New York, but ships everywhere--even internationally.
  • River Pack Shilohs

    Located in beautiful Manassas, Virginia, River Pack specializes in plush Shilohs with great temperaments! Michelle and her husband Don are wonderful people and their dogs are gorgeous. Their Ginger is full sister to our Leo. I have attended every puppy evaluation they have ever had, and can not endorse them enough as breeders!

  • Riverwind Shilohs
    Deb and Mel Mayo run the amazing Riverwind kennel just outside of Oklahoma City! I can not say enough wonderful things about Deb and Mel. They started breeding just a year or two before we did, and we have helped each other along the way with showing and puppy evaluations. We gladly recommend Riverwind when we have no pups available, as they are only around three hours north of us here in Denton. Please visit their website to take a look at their beautiful home and dogs!
  • Strauss Haus Shiloh Shepherds
    Jessica Strauss has been one of our Shiloh mentors, helping me out frequently with questions about breeding and genetics! She owns a stud dog from our 2012 Kyrie/Piston litter: Baxter. Her kennel, Strauss Haus Shepherds, is located in Washington State. Like our other ISSR breeders, Jessica ships her puppies all over, so don't worry if you aren't close to Washington!
  • Victory Shilohs
    Margaret and David at Victory Shilohs are up in eastern Canada. They own Piston, the wonderful stud boy who we used with Kyrie in 2012. We are currently considering Piston for Astra as well! Victory has one adult breed male and upcoming puppies available. We can not endorse Margaret and David enough; they are knowledgable, conscientious, and do the best they can for our breed.

CONGRATS to Astra from our Kyrie/Leo litter! Astra has completed all of her health and temperament testing, and will be applying to join our breeding program this coming year!

Want to learn
more about Shilohs?

The Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center!
If you want to learn about this wonderful Breed-Under-Development, the Learning Center is a great place to start! Click on the key to go to a listing of articles on our Breed Founder, Shiloh health and history, our club and registry, breeders, and more!
Shiloh Shepherd Community Forums!
Our forums are very friendly and educational. If you have questions about Shilohs or would like to see photos of Shiloh Shepherds, this is the place to go! Many members include a link to their blog or photo gallery at the bottom of their posts.
Shiloh Shepherd Puppies Blog!
A while back, our Breed Founder, Tina Barber, thought it would be a great idea to make a blog that linked to all of the great Shiloh puppies' blogs. Now everyone can see how a bunch of Shilohs have grown and changed from tiny pup to majestic adult, and read all their stories, too!
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