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First things first: you can contact us at our email at

Anne serves as the Secretary for the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance (ISSA, Inc.) Club and Registry. She's always willing to answer questions about the breed (if you're still wondering whether a Shiloh is for you) or about our dogs or any future plans. She's also a bit of an expert on the history of the Shiloh Shepherd. So feel free to drop us a note on any of the above!

We highly recommend the ISSA web site as a source for information as well, and you can visit the ISSA site at We are always adding pages, pictures, information about upcoming Shiloh events, new upcoming litters and articles!

If you are looking for a Shiloh puppy and our plans do not fit yours, we encourage you to look into any of our ISSA Shiloh breeders in Texas, Oklahoma, or Arizona. You can find a complete list of ISSA Breeders here on the ISSA web site: The ISSA Breeder Listing. Many of these people are our personal friends and we heartily and happily endorse them if you are looking for a puppy!

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