Sparta Past Litters

Sparta Past Litters and Progeny

This page is a work-in-progress--we'll try to add more photos of all the pups as we have time.

Sparta has had two litters. The first, Kyrie/Leo, was born on March 26th, 2011. We got a surprise in this litter--a white puppy! And another surprise--all the pups were plush coats! We had expected smooth as the smooth coat gene is dominant.

Kyrie/Leo litter at 2 days old

A litter pups at 4 weeks old

A litter pups with momma Kyrie

The "A" litter graced us with three pups, dubbed Astra, Andros, and Ajax. Astra, the white girl, kept her name and now lives with her human Dad Jarrad in Pennsylvania, where she is his medical seizure alert dog. We are very proud of her for serving such an important function for her dad! Andros was renamed Saber and lives with his family in Scottsdale, Arizona! He runs with his human dad and sometimes attends sports matches with his kids. :) Ajax was renamed Jax and lives not too far from us in Lewisville, Texas! We see his human mom and dad often at the Renaissance faire and on occasion we come for visits (Jax still remembers us!).

All of the A litter pups are still doing great and we are happy that they went to such wonderful families!

You can see tons of photos of these pups from their first day to adulthood over here on the Kyrie/Leo Litter Blog!Here are a couple of Saber and Jax as adults.

Saber 6 years old

Jax 6 years old

Our second litter was born the day before Memorial Day, 2012. This was the Kyrie/Piston litter. We got six pups out of this one, in a mixture of all sorts of colors (but no white). There were four smooth-coated pups and two plush!

Sparta B litter

The "B" litter pups were named Baker, Browning, Bullet, Boomer, Benelli and Blazer! Baker was a dark grey sable smooth boy, Browning a dark brown sable plush boy, Bullet a golden sable smooth boy, Boomer a dark bi-colored smooth boy, Benelli a dark dual smooth girl, and Blazer (later Blazie) a smooth grey sable girl.

Sparta B litter 3 weeks

Sparta B litter 7 weeks

Sparta B litter 8 weeks

Of the six pups from the B litter, two moved out of state (one all the way to New York!) and four stayed in Texas. Baker (now Baxter) and Browning (now Aslan) have gone on to sire litters and ensure that Kyrie's genes move on. We kept Kyrie's daughter Blazie, and are considering having a try at a single litter this coming winter. The pups are all still doing great and we are so happy that they have such wonderful families!

You can see more photos of the Sparta B litter on the Kyrie/Piston litter blog, here.

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